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Practical Crystal Healing 555 Tips & Techniques For Animal Companions is a comprehensive book on working with crystal healing as an alternative therapy for the pets/animals in our lives. This book walks you step by step through a variety of areas concerning crystal healing, animal basics, and provides you excellent tips for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues concerning your animal companions.

The 555 Tips & Techniques is where the real heart of this book lies, ranging from abandonment issues through yowling concerns and everything in-between! Working with animals and crystal healing is simple if you understand how to communicate with them on an energetic level, and know the right crystal combinations to use for that particular ailment; all which is described in this no fluff -no filler book!


Our pets and animals have ailments, problems, and issues just as much as we do. They develop physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual issues that need help. Some of these issues can be seen such as behavior problems or even major physical ailments such as sores or fur falling out, but there are many underlying issues that animals have to deal with too. Animals experience stress and trauma, but cannot communicate this to us through verbal words.

Animals, in fact, have a very high vibrational level output and can handle a large amount of energy. This has nothing to do with their shape or size, but rather this has to deal with their energetic fields and the innocence, understanding, and unconditional love energy that surround their very physical forms. They actually process healing energy very quickly and effortlessly and much easier than humans can. Their aura levels and chakra centers absorb this so quickly that the healing sessions do not take as long as human energy levels or even an environmental energy grid can for a healing session.

Working with animals can be an enjoyable part of anyone’s practice, especially when you have a deep passion for them. They are living things, just as you and I are, and have feelings, physical pain, and underlying ailments that need our help too. Since we do not speak the same language, what can happen is a mental blockage builds up from within that can interfere in the way we communicate with these animals. Animal communication is a wonderful art that anyone can develop, but it all starts with being open, aware, and paying attention to the animal’s signs that are right in front of us.


555 Tips & Techniques Excerpt:

FLATULENCE –For general issues, attach a Smoky Quartz to the animal’s collar/harness for every day general healing. For short onset bursts, place a Smoky Quartz on each side of the animal’s abdomen and hold a  Golden Topaz over the animal’s mid-abdominal section for 10 minutes.

FLATWORMS – Place Clear Quartz on each side of the animal’s lower abdomen and hold a Ruby near the animal’s root chakra. Turn the Ruby clockwise for 10 minutes. Repeat three times a day.

FLEA CONTROL – Make an Amethyst and Clear Quartz gem elixir, charging for 30 minutes, and thoroughly mist the entire animal or area of concern. Repeat every day for 7 days.

FOAMING AT MOUTH (NOT RABIES) – Hold an Eilat Stone in your dominant hand and circle the entire head area of the animal, from left to right, each time making larger circling motions. Circle this direction 10 times and then reverse the direction as well as the size of the circles should decrease with each reverse movement. Lastly, hold the Eilat Stone over the animal’s crown chakra and turn clockwise for 5 more minutes.

FOCUS – Attach a Tiger’s Eye to the animal’s collar/harness programmed for focus issues. Cleanse every 30 days.

FOOD ALLERGIES – Make a programmed Carnelian gem elixir, charging for 30 minutes, and lightly mist the food before feeding time to bring about a balanced state.

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