Practical Crystal Healing

555 Tips & Techniques

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 Practical Crystal Healing, 555 Tips &Techniques encompasses the author’s real life healing practices.  Nicole Lanning, has personally cured common ailments and conditions using her own crystal healing practice and studies. Even more difficult issues can be tackled and cured with crystal healing, such as Nicole's own issue with Fibromyalgia, her son's smashed thumb, and her husband's tumor in his neck.

These practices have been evaluated over many years to prove their validity.  Nicole Lanning has accreditations with the International Natural Healers Association and the World Metaphysical Association. This is a no fluff or filler book, just straight forward information for those on a learning pathway in their own crystal healing and create more harmony in life.



Crystal healing works due to the vibrational and energetic level of the crystal as it heals issues, areas, and tendencies within our own vibrational energy fields. Crystal healing is not a new art form, and you do not need any special training to perform these types of tasks. But you do need to have knowledge of the in’s and out’s before you get started! Crystal healing is all about balancing a person’s energy back to a harmonious and aligned state within their physical body to ease the problem, issue, or imbalance that is at hand.

There are so many crystals and gemstones out in the world today, it can be very confusing to know which ones to use and how to use them unless you have studied, learned, and practiced it yourself. This book contains 555 different tips for some of the most common ailments, issues, and problems we face today in our physical bodies. I have personally used all 555 of them on family, friends, clients, colleagues, and myself so I know they all work!

Crystal healing is not a guarantee for anything, just like most things in life. You have to work with it, practice, and find what works for you. I will tell you that crystal healing will not harm you or your physical body if used correctly as instructed in this book. Crystal and energy healing, of any kind, should always be done for the highest good of all and to obtain the most positive results. 


555 Tips & Techniques Excerpt:

MISFORTUNE- To correct misfortune in your life, pull out your Black Tourmaline and slowly work all over your aura fields, drawing out all negative and stagnant energies.

MONEY- For attracting more money into your life, carry a piece of Pyrite with your wallet, purse, or checkbook and money will start coming your way.

MOOD SWINGS- For typical mood swings, use Jet to bring balance back and stabilize your mood and emotions. Sit down with your feet flat on the floor and cup this in both of your hands. Concentrate on all of the feelings and emotions that have been swinging and changing in your life at this time. Feel each and every one of them as if they were changing right then and there. Quickly open your hands and drop the Jet to the floor. Take a deep breath in and out. Stand up and cleanse the Jet thoroughly!

MOON ENERGY- Wear a Moonstone around your ankle the day before, during, and after each new and full moon to raise your vibrational connection with the moon energy.

MOTION SICKNESS- Make sure to carry Aquamarine in your pocket or hold in your dominant hand during times of motion sickness to ease these symptoms.

MOTIVATION- For more motivation, make sure to place Carnelian where you spend the majority of your time, whether it is at work and at home, to give you that extra motivational boost.

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