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Healing U, a practical guidebook, walks you step-by-step through all areas of your life for a complete healing process within your mind, body, and spirit connections. Starting at the very beginning, Nicole Lanning walks you through the healing process with informative topics such as: How Does It Work, Religion vs Spirituality, Tools of the Trade, Mental Healing, Emotional Healing, Physical Healing, Spiritual Healing, Underlying Causes, Intuition, Scanning, Maintenance, and much more. You have the ability from within and Lanning can show you how to get there, so why not get a jumpstart on healing all areas of your life today.




 I once knew this woman who you may be able to relate to, as she was like many of you are now – married, children, home life, career, and daily activities. Her life changed in many ways, as yours will, when you embark on your healing pathway in life.


This woman’s life seemed to be going great, as her husband had just gotten a new job, they recently moved into a new home, and her children were in a great elementary school district. She thought everything was perfect until one day things really started to go downhill. She felt exhausted and barely had enough energy to even get out of bed in the morning. Her whole family depended on her, as the children had to get to school, she had a business to run, a home to take care of, and lots of activities that she was involved in. She wasn’t quite sure what had happened but she knew something was wrong.

She looked back and thought there was a lot of change but knew things were in a positive way for them all, so she really didn’t know what to do. Her situation kept declining and she eventually turned to traditional medicine. The doctors ran multiple tests and had her see specialists in many areas. They diagnosed her with having Fibromyalgia, border line on Lupus, and warned her to change her life around or it would go into full blown Lupus and she would have many more problems.

She simply did not settle for this and said this can’t be it. She knew there was something wrong and wanted it to change. She sat down and took a long look at her life. She wasn’t happy. She was living her life for everyone else. Her husband was unhappy at his job and she was constantly worried about his well-being. Her children did not like school and she didn’t like them being there. Everything that she had taken pride in, her family, had all shifted and her energy took a turn for the worse.

There is a happy ending to this story though. The woman had seen the error of her ways, as she was not taking her own advice, but instead was listening to everyone else’s opinion of what she should do. Her husband, soon afterwards, was laid-off from his job (which ended up with their family taking a vacation to celebrate their family’s new found freedom), she pulled her children out of school and homeschooled them instead, which was what she originally wanted to do for them, and she spent time re-focusing back on her healing, her life, and taking responsibility for these things. Her life turned around very quickly, and in such a positive way that things sky-rocketed. She and her family were happy, she was healthy again, and her career was back on track and better than ever. She needed a wake-up call to realize what she was doing, and it worked. That woman was me many years ago.

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