Practical Crystal Healing

555 Tips & Techniques


Quotes Perfect book for any crystal healer or even one who wants to just use crystals in theri spare time. It is so detailed with all of the techniques that everyone can find use for this healing art form! Quotes
Joshua Yoney - Reiki and Crystal World

Quotes These books are wonderful. I knew some of crystal healing but had no idea about all of these different ways to use them and how to correspond them to our every day life. Perfect book for the beginner and even the advanced who don't know all of these tips that Nicole describes for you in the last chapter! Quotes
Carolyn Tramell

Quotes This series of crystal healing books is profound. The author, Nicole Lanning, has demonstrated her unique ability to work with crystals in many ways for people and animals alike. They are packed full of valuable information with easy to follow guidelines that everyone can learn this beautiful art of crystal healing. Superb creations! Quotes
Northeast Book Review Spot

Quotes Practical Crystal Healing is a well formated book from cover to cover. Practical is the best title for this book because it gives you just that. Each chapter is to the point and decribes how you can use these crystals in your life in a variety of ways. If you want to work with crystal healing, these are the books to have on your bookshelf! Quotes
Ohio Book Review

Quotes Practical Crystal Healing is one of the best crystal books I have ever owned. There is so much work and detail that has gone into this book that I cannot believe it was not out for everyone to use sooner. This has helped my crystal healing sessions for myself and for my clients in so many ways that I don't know what I did without it. No more struggling trying to see which crystals work because Nicole has given you all of the guidelines and then some! Quotes
Samantha Rice - Crystal Weaver

Quotes At first I was overwhelmed, 555 seemed like so many, then once I saw how the book was set up, and that it was full of content I got such joy. This is an easy read in which years of research and personal experience are included. Nicole has dedicated her life to helping others because it is her calling. I am so glad to have gotten to know her and that she has shared her knowledge! Quotes
James Goddard - Author of Freedom For A Day

Quotes Great Book - I love Practical Crystal Healing. There is a wealth of information in this book for the novice and the more experienced crytal enthusiast alike. The information is easy to find and just as easy to implement. I have been working with crystals for years and have many books on this subject, but none of them have been able to put it all together like this book does. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is new to crystals or is looking for the missing link on how to put their knowledge to good use. Quotes
Cindy Campbell

Quotes Excellent book the new and seasoned crystal practioner - Pratical Crystal Healing is an excellent book for the new and seasoned crystal practioner. I'm new to crystals myself and this book gives wonderful ways on how to choose, cleanse, program,and charge your crystals. The author Nicole Lanning gives sage information on not only the crystals but which crystals to use for the chakras and aura. Nicole Lanning left no stone or crystal unturned when providing the best information on how to incorporate crystals into everday life for issues we all face at one time or another such as money issues, love issues, etc. I've have personally used some of the techniques in Practical Crystal Healing with wonderful results. I've searched for crystals books and what I didn't find in those books I found in Pratical Crystal Healing---great advice, helpful, and direc Quotes
Anna Estrada

Quotes A Great Crystal Guide - When I was asked to read the book Practical Crystal Healing 555 Tips & Techniques by Nicole Lanning I had no idea that there was so much to know about crystals. Since a child I have always liked crystals and beautiful rocks. In fact for a while during my childhood I collected unusual rocks. If you are interested in crystals this is a handy guide to have around because it offers a great thorough introduction to the world of crystals. Topics include choosing crystals, cleansing crystals, programming and charging crystals, colors of crystals, how to use crystals for healing and 555 healing tips and techniques that have been tested and re-tested over many years for their accuracy and validity. Nicole Lanning is quite the expert on crystals using them in her crystal healing practice and studies. She has done a good job at breaking down a lot of detailed information on this massive subject in such a compact little book. Quotes
Andrea R. Garrison - Host/Producer onlinewithandrea

Quotes A superbly organized and presented introduction to the use of crystals in the healing process - Associated with New Age metaphysics, the use of crystals to heal ills of the body and mind goes back into antiquity. In "Practical Crystal Healing: 555 Tips & Techniques", Nicole Lanning draws upon her many years of experience and expertise to provide non-specialist general readers with a superbly organized and presented introduction to the use of crystals in the healing process in the form of specific 'tips, tricks and techniques' for their medicinal employment. From selecting the right crystal for the right task, to crystal programming techniques, to crystal correspondences, elixirs, 'gridding', healing bags, and more, "Practical Crystal Healing" will prove an invaluable contribution of enduring value for personal and professional alternative medicine supplemental reading lists, as well as academic and community Metaphysical Studies reference collections. Quotes
Midwest Book Review
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  • "I am new to the healing world out there but wanted to find something that would help my own help problems. I came across your site by coincidence and read so many wonderful thin..."
    Judith A.
  • "A superbly organized and presented introduction to the use of crystals in the healing process - Associated with New Age metaphysics, the use of crystals to heal ills of the body..."
    Midwest Book Review
  • "Practical Crystal Healing For Animal Companions is the crystal bible for working with your pets. I work as a vet tech and this has helped us be able to assist animals in alterna..."
    Matthew J.