Practical Crystal Healing

555 Tips & Techniques


Quotes I am new to the healing world out there but wanted to find something that would help my own help problems. I came across your site by coincidence and read so many wonderful things about your book that I did some more research into your work and crystals and healing in general. I then decided to order your books. It has been six months and after working with holistic healing methods from your Healing U book and incorporating crystals from your Practical Crystal Healing book my health has improved so much! My doctors are shocked and wanted to know what I did differently and I told them! Thank you Nicole for your excellent work! Quotes
Judith A.

Quotes Practical Crystal Healing For Animal Companions is the crystal bible for working with your pets. I work as a vet tech and this has helped us be able to assist animals in alternative ways! Thank you Ms. Lanning for your wonderful work and putting these solutions into such an easy reference guide! Quotes
Matthew J.

Quotes Thank you for your PCH and Healing U Books Nicole. Anyone who reads them can see that they are full of inspiration, knowledge, and your own soul! You are an expert healer and an amazing author! Quotes
Barbara S.

Quotes Nicole, I just had to thank you and let you know how helpful your Crystal Healing For Animals book has been for me to know the right crystals to use and how to use them for my elderly dog. The vets are at a loss on what to do for him and have basically given up, but after getting your book and using specific crystals for him, he seems so much more comfortable and has more energy than he?s had for the past year. I?m so thankful and grateful for your book. Thank you! Quotes
Diane B.

Quotes Dear Ms. Lanning, I had a chance to review all of your books to date, your two Practical Crystal Healing, and your Healing U book. First I would like to thank you for the review copies, as they are fantastic! Dealing in the alternative realm for healings and therapies, there are many books published in this niche, but yours are some of the very best that I have ever had a chance to review. Your Practical Crystal Healing books have a plethora of information in them for literally anyone who reads it. I did not think it would flow as well as it did until I started reading it. Your Healing U is the perfect guidebook for everyone around the world who wants to take the first steps and work on healing themselves. All of them are now in my top 10 books to read this year, which means you own 3 of those 10 spots! I wish you much success in all of your future books and look forward to reading more of your work! Quotes
Kevin Randall -President Alternative Healing Therapy Association

Quotes Excellent resources! I love working with your books and can't wait to see the ones for my teenage daughter, and the ones for women and men issues. You are truely amazing in all of your healing talents! The world needs more people like you! Thank you Nicole for all of your hard work! Quotes
Sarah Trammole

Quotes Brava - Your work in these books are superb! The best crystal healing book I have ever had my hands on! Definately going to add this into our training classes as a study guide! Thank you Ms. Lanning! Quotes
Crystal Healers Association United

Quotes Thank you Nicole for your wonderful crystal healing books. I had always wanted a handy guidebook such as this and none of the other ones on the market gave the basic information and the exact way to work with them before. You are a genius in my eyes! Thanks for all of your hard work in putting these together. I can't wait to read your upcoming ones! Quotes
Janice P.

Quotes Excellent books from cover to cover. The author, Nicole Lanning, as completed some of the best work to date when working with crystal healing. Informative, detailed, yet still practical and in an easy to use format that all of our reviewers have fell in love with. With the vast assortment of techniques at your fingertips you cannot help but love this work and find usage for crystal healing in your life today! Quotes
Energy & Crystal Book Review Organization

Quotes I cannot help but marvel at these wodnerful books. I own probably almost every crystal book out there today, but Lanning's Practical Crystal Healing books are unlike any other. They are down to earth, informative, and give all of those hidden techniques that the other books do not. They are a beautiful addition to anyone's crystal healing library! Quotes
Walter Falkon -Crystal Healer Unite


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