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Quotes Practical Crystal Healing (all series) are very informative books out there in the world today on the topic of crystal healing. There is no information out there like this in a clear and condensed format. Other crystal healing books list their properties and pictures and you can find this information on the internet too. We are a book review company, not healers, but from everything we have read on crystals and healing topics, this is by far the best we have ever read in this genre. Nicole Lanning is an expert in her field and we look forward to reading more of her work in the future! Quotes
Caddis Book Review

Quotes I have all three crystal healing books now so far from Ms. Nicole Lanning. I have teenagers, animals, and use the methods on myself as well. Lanning's books are so very to understand. She gets right to the point, explains the basics in clear and concise manners, and includes so many tips. She is truly a marvel when it comes to her healing abilities! Quotes
Penole F.

Quotes Practical Crystal Healing for Teenagers is something that I could not wait to purchase. I have three teenagers from the ages of 13 through 17 and this is something I wanted to get for them. I got the paperback book as well as got the ebook verison for their kindle. I have been using some of the tips to help them in areas that they need and they enjoy using ones on their own. This is an excellent way to help our children learn that they can incorporate alternative healing into their lifestyle. The tips have been helping all three of my children and we are all so thankful to Ms. Lanning for her work in the healing field. Quotes
Karen L.

Quotes Nicole Lanning has a way of explaining things to you so that you can understand them. Simple, easy, and practical are her methods for making healing possible for the world. Practical Crystal Healing is just one of her tools that is at your fingertips. I have recently reviewed all three of her books (Practical Crystal Healing, Practical Crystal Healing For Animals, and Healing U) and they are must have's for your own library of healing books. Quotes
Teresa Wilksome - New Age Healing Online Book Review

Quotes Practical Crystal Healing is an easy manual to help readers work through a self healing process using the power of crystals. Honestly, I was not sure what I would think about these books until I started reading them. When Ms. Lanning says they are no fluff books, she really does walk the walk. Practical information from beginning to end. Crystal healing is taking the world be storm as new age healing methods are coming back with people wanting to take control and power in their own hands. A great read full of knowledge you need to know about crystal healing. We give it 5 stars! Quotes
KJ - Deep South Publishing & Review

Quotes The best crystal book I have ever read and owned, and I have every single one I come across. This one makes crystal healing easy and all of the research has already been done for me. I don't have to cross-reference all of the crystals and the work to figure out which stones to use, and even when I did the results were never that good. Ms. Lanning has done is all for us and in a simple and easy format to read! I can't wait for more of her books! Thank you Ms. Lanning for sharing your wonderful abilities with the world! Quotes
Tyrin M. from Michigan

Quotes I had a chance to hear Ms. Lanning speak in person at one of her seminars, and I have to say that after her lecture and hands on healing work I felt such a major shift occur within my own energy. I have worked with healers before and psychics too. I have even worked with my own crystals from time to time, but Ms. Lanning brings them all together into one area that can help you heal in many more ways than you even thought possible. This is truly a gift of her's to help share and I am so glad I experienced this with her in person. Her books were such a pleasure to read, and I really have used techniques from the Practical Crystal Healing (all books) and her Healing U. I personally love them all! Quotes
Cam W. from Ohio

Quotes Practical Crystal Healing series books are something that you have to keep on your bookshelf for those healing emergencies. I have literally gone through every single tips in each of Ms. Lanning's books to remind myself of what I can help heal people in my life with and how easy it is to do. I have my own private practice in a small town and people are always seeking out my help with personal healings. Thank you Ms. Lanning for your lifelong work that you have shared with the world! Quotes
Grant "JJ" Anthony

Quotes Dear Ms. Lanning, I purchased all of your books over the last few months, and I wanted to send you an email to let you know how much you have helped change my life with your healing advice from these......I healed my own personal issues, helped heal my two cats and horse, worked with my husband to help heal his back issues, and have seen massive changes in all areas of my life for the better! I am so glad that I came across your sites, books, and information when I did! You literally are an Earth Angel! Quotes
Amber Tremill

Quotes Healing U is THE BEST personal healing book that explains how to go about a practical and simple easy way to heal your own life. It isn't complicated to understand and Nicole explains things in such a down to earth way that everyone can use this book to heal anything in their life! Thank you Ms. Lanning for your wonderful insights that you share with the world! Quotes
April W.
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  • "Healing U is THE BEST personal healing book that explains how to go about a practical and simple easy way to heal your own life. It isn't complicated to understand and Nicole ex..."
    April W.