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Crystal Healing For Abundance

Posted by Nicole Lanning on August 28, 2013 at 4:20 PM

Crystal healing for abundance can be done in many ways. Crystals provide us with a vibrational healing energy all of their own from Mother Earth. They all have their own vibrational properties for healing and while some will work better in certain areas of your life, there is some practice involved to see what best resonates with your own energy fields. What may work for the majority of people out there you may find works for you or on the other hand you may feel that you are not drawn to this particular crystal. When working with crystals make sure that they resonate and "feel" that they are the best ones for you for this type of work.


Now onto the good stuff for this blog posting! We have worked with this wonderful method for many years with much success with our own healing, clients healing, and have shared this wonderful tip with many around the world. For working with abundance to draw more of this into your life, you can simple pick up a few Emeralds at your local rock, crystal, gem, metaphysical, or natural health food store. You will also need a plastic spray bottle and two bottles of purified water.


You need to first cleanse your Emerald's. You can do this with a simple water technique, or any other method that resonates for your energy fields. Once the crystals have been thoroughly cleansed you will want to charge the water you will be using. We place both bottle of water in a clear glass bowl and then place our Emeralds in the center of the bowl. We then place the bowl outside in the sunlight. You do not have to place yours in the sunlight, but we have noticed this gives this an extra charge of solar energy for the water!


Once this has been charged for atleast 2 hours pour your water into your spray bottle and starting gently misting all areas of your home. Pay particular attention to doorways, windows and corners as you want a healthy vibrant flow of positive energy moving into your home and not becoming stagnant in corner areas. You can even amplify this session with a good smudging of your home prior to the crystal elixir spray!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms and author of Practical Crystal Healing series tips books. Work with crystal healing for abundance and remove abundance blocks in your life today with energy healing work!



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