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How To Boost Your Love Energy Vibration

Posted by Nicole Lanning on May 30, 2013 at 8:45 AM

Many people want to know how to boost your love energy vibration in your life. Well, that's what we are here to share with all of you today in this healing blog posting. We have worked with this technique in our personal lives as well as with our close friends, family members, and then finally with our clients. We have had wonderful success for the majority of people who tried this in their own lives and wish you all the most positive energy healing process for this to unfold in your life as well.


1. First you will want to work on clearing the energy of your home. You can do this with a simple and basic sage smudging technique. It does not have to be elabornate for the healing process, just make sure you work this into all corners and open entrance ways to your home for windows and door ways alike.


2. Next you will want to work with five Rose Quartz, one Clear Quartz, an four other symbols of what love means to you in your life. This is part of the process as love means something different for each person so this symbol should be something unique for yourself. Some people have used heart tokens, others use a heart symbol, as it is about what means love for your own life.


3. Now you will want to charge all objects that you have with Reiki energy, or a love energy format if you have this as well, but again basic Reiki works wonders for this method as it is about simplicty not complicated issues. Once you have charged all of the objects for this for you now start charging your water. You will place the Rose Quartz in a bowl of purified water and allow this to charge in the direct sunlight for 30 minutes.


4. While you are waiting you are now going to place your four symbols of love in the four corners of your home. With each one state your intention of the love that you desire to have.


5. Now the water should be done charging and you can pour this into in a spray bottle. With this you will start to mist the entire areas of your home including the doorways and windows as these are physical energy entry points for your home. When you have used all of the water, remove the Rose Quartz from the bottle as you will now need them again.


6. You can now start placing your crystals throughout your home. You will now place the four Rose Quartz over your love symbols and place the Clear Quartz in the center most point of your home. With the remaining Rose Quartz you can carry this on your person, in your pocket, in your purse, or wear this as a pendant. Remember to cleanse these crystals every 30 days to amplify the energy.


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with how to boost your love energy vibration or our love blessing healing session for your love life today!



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