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Remove Negative Energy Easily

Posted by Nicole Lanning on May 16, 2014 at 11:05 AM

I had a client not so long ago email and ask how could they remove negative energy easily from their energy fields. They worked at a job that had a lot of toxic and negative energy surrounding the situation and co-workers and he said he felt constantly either negative when he came home from work or was completely drained. Working with crystals is a simple and easy way to help clear this up with very little time and work into it.


When working with negative energy there are many different crystals you can choose from, as it is all about finding what resonates for your energy fields and you find is best for you. Citrine and Hematite are the top two that I recommend for most as these are ones that you can find at any local rock/gem/crystal or metaphysical store, and even many natural health food stores carry them as well. If you do not have any local stores you can visit you can also find them online in places such as amazon, ebay or other crystal websites.


When choosing a crystal you simply want to choose the one that you feel drawn to. If you are shopping locally look for the ones that you cannot seem to put down. Go through the store, pick them up one at a time and see how they feel. Ones that are not in a good vibrational match you will simply place back down and move on. Ones that are you will want to hold onto a bit longer and will feel as those they are meant for you. When you are shopping online, simply allow your intuition to guide you and if you do not seem drawn to a particular one, know that it is because it is not meant for you at this time and keep looking as the one that is will pop up!


Working with the crystals for removing negative energy is actually a very simple and easy process, as I do mean easy! All you have to do is put this in your pocket or wear it on a pendant and allow your energy fields and the crystal to do the rest. It can't get much easier than that now can it. Hematite extracts the negative energy from your energy fields and Citrine dissipates the negative energy. Another wonderful component is that you will never have to cleanse Citrine as it does not hold onto the negative energy. Some practitioners recommend cleansing this to give the crystal a chance to revitilize, but again this is up to the person's choice if they wish to do this or not.


Enjoy working with these wonderful crystals in your daily routine to help balance the energy flow and remove all of that negative and toxic energy that may be surrounding you.

Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with some simple crystals to remove negative energy easily or contact Ms Nicole Lanning for a Negativity Releasement Healing session today!



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