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Massage Therapy And Pets

Posted by Nicole Lanning on July 26, 2013 at 1:00 PM

Massage therapy and pets is a very interesting topic for this healing posting of the day. Many people have different kinds of animal for pets, but this healing posting is covering the general information for all of them. Pets, just as humans, can benefit from massage healing work. Now only can you work on their massage techniques and make them feel good physically but you can also even add in healing work for their energy fields. All animals can benefit from this whether you want to form a stronger bodn with your pet or if you are helping them through an illness or injury.


When you work with your animal for a pet massage it does not have to be difficult or complicated, as many animals willl take any kind of attention and affection in a positive format. They do not have to understand why you are doing this process, whether it be just to connect with them or to help them, as they just know that they are experiencing some love from you in a different format, and for them this is perfectly fine. When working with your own pets you can work with some simple areas to get started or you can have a trained professional walk you through some of the more advanced techniques for their healing for this.


Some basics you can start at home are working with simple massaging methods. You can stroke your animal from head to tail, rub their ears, and talk in a soothing tone for them to know that you are in a positive eotional mind set. You can also include crystal healing methods with this or work with reiki healing for an added bonus for your animals health. More advanced methods you can include would be acupressure and aadvanced massage methods to include all of the animals muscles for this.


I love working with our own pets for massage and healing, as one of our little dogs is a very special one for his connection with us and his other animal companions we have. We ended up buying one of those small hand massagers for us as a family to use when our backs get sore. We turned it on one day when our special baby was around and he came right up to the vibrational tool and had this look in his eyes like begging for a massage of his own. Wondering if he would like this I placed the massager on his back and he slowly layed down and put his head on my leg. When I took this off he jumped around and pounced back on my lap until I would give him another massage. Needless to say our special baby is now getting massages incorporated with healing energy every day for his own physical body and energy fields!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with massage therapy and pets or an animal healing session today for your animal companions in your life!



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