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Own Your Personal Power - How To

Posted by Nicole Lanning on April 26, 2013 at 10:30 AM

Do you know how to own your personal power? Many people don't even realize that they have personal power, let alone know how to own this in their life. I have listed below five simple steps for you to work with to own your personal power in your life. This will help strengthen your energy fields and bring your energy to a higher vibrational level. Your energetic bodies are full of your own personal power all the way down to your soul level. That is a lot of power that you could be tapping into!


Let me clear up one more thing for you, as working with your own personal power is something that literally everyone in the entire world can do. Children, teenagers, and even adults can do this at any time in their life. You are literally full of infinite power and abilities, so why would you not want to tap into this and use this for the highest possible good in your life? Listed below are five easy ways for you to get started on tapping into your own personal power in your life.


1. The very first one to start getting a good hold on your personal power is to let go of the past and things that are holding you back. This is one of the main reasons people do not claim all of their personal power, or even a portion of this, as they are living in the past memories or they are allowing others energy to control this by holding onto these issues that are holding them back.


2. Next you want to shift your mind set into one of awareness, expansion, and understanding of your own infinite power that resides inside of you at this very moment. You have this since you came into this current lifetime and you will have this throughout every day of your existence as well. If it is here to help you on your spiritual pathway in life to achieve everything and anything that you can think of as a desire in your lifetime.


3. The next step is to work on expanding your own energy outward to be able to help others. This will be different for each person, as this all depends on what your strengths are in life, but think about how you can expand your energy and turn your own personal power into some good that you can use to help change even a small portion of what is going on in the world!


4. You now want to connect in with the Universal Source energy. Some people do this through meditation, others work on this through healing, and others still work on this through their visualization and intention methods. There is no right or wrong way to go about this, as you can even combine different methods to see what works best for you!


5. The last thing you want to work on to help claim your own personal power is to make a decision to set your goal and go after this in your life. Remember you are an infinite source of your own power in life and you can achieve anything that you set your mind towards, so why not go after what you have always been desiring!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work on these techinques to own your personal power or a quantum boost energy healings to boost all of these energy fields in your life today!



Acupressure Healing Basics With Crystals

Posted by Nicole Lanning on March 28, 2013 at 11:15 AM

The Acupressure Healing Basics are similar to that of Acupuncture. Both target on the body’s specific points to relieve pain or bring about healing and have been believed to be practiced around 5000 years ago.You can work with your own acupressure healing by also incorporating crystal healing methods in by working with them with these techniques and using your own crystals in conjunction with the healing process. This can amplify the acupressure session and your crystal healing work at the same time!

Both acupressure and acupuncture induce the removal of energy blockages in the body which if not done, may cause illness, pain and discomfort. They are also alike in terms of referring to pressure points as being linked to different part or areas of the body. On the contrary, their differences lie on the tool used in performing a session and on the technical terminologies used. Acupressure uses fingers, hands/palms, knuckles and elbow while Acupuncture goes with needles on pressure points.


Acupressure Healing can be done by one’s self, with out any tools or guides. With just the proper instructions and perhaps some oils, acupressure can soothe the physical state and even one’s spirituality and mentality. Body pains like head aches, back aches, colds and flu, sinus pain, arthritis and muscles pain are some of the many discomforts that acupressure can alleviate if not totally eliminated.

One’s spiritual health is enhanced through the ability of acupressure to subdue tension, trauma and depression. It can be done by applying the right amount of pressure on the right points like the sinus area for stimulating energy and blood flow. For the mental benefits of acupressure, one’s senses can be heightened through meditation paired with an acupressure session. This can cause more alertness and clear thinking on the patient. Also, it can improve one’s sexual appetite which is best for couples who seek stronger sexual relationships.


Acupressure Healing has no age, gender or sex limits. Anyone can do it for themselves or for others. It is an excellent healing alternative that can solve a lot of health problems. As a precaution, there are some people with health cases that may not be fit for acupressure, or if allowed, some pressure points are not advised to be touched at all. This case may apply to pregnant women and patients with history of heart-related problems. Other than that, acupressure is absolutely safe and its best results are attained by frequent and consistent sessions.  Work with acupressure healing basics with massage and incorporate crystal healing sessions in for a complete and thorough energy session.



Crystal Healing For Spring Time

Posted by Nicole Lanning on February 24, 2013 at 10:55 AM

Many people have a huge shift coming up here in spring time and this is something that I want to touch on for your energy shifts and your healing process. Let me give you some suggestions here to help you boost your energy fields for this energy shift this month!


Clear Quartz: You can cleanse and program a clear quartz to help you bring about a healing boost during this energy shift. You will want to keep this on your physical body (in a bracelet, pendant, or carry this in your pocket) for the best results.


Emerald: This one will bring about an abundance pattern during your energy shift to usher in a positive flow in all directions for you. Keep this charged for a minimum of 14 days for best results.


Clear Quartz, Emerald, and Rose Quartz: You will want to cleanse and charge these three crystals and keep in together in your pocket to bring about a very high vibrational balancing energy during this shifting time. This will keep your energy fields from being scattered or overwhelmed during this shift.


Author: Nicole Lanning, author of Practical Crystal Healing and founder of Healing Art Forms. Work on crystal healing for spring time issues or an energetic alignment session for your energy balancing needs.

Crystal Healing For Your Love Life

Posted by Nicole Lanning on January 31, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Many have emailed asking for crystal tips for healing your love life. There are many different ways to go about this in your life, not just around Valentine's Day, as people need love all year round. The key to working with crystals for your love life is to find that right balance for your own personal energy fields. You may have blockage, energy leakage points, rips, tears, or need to simply just give yourself a boost of love energy to get your energy fields to respond. Here are some of the basic crystals you can work with for this. Remember it about balancing your energy fields for the issues that you are dealing with specifically for this issue.


Love Crystal Energy


Rose Quartz - you can work with this crystal to work on basic love energy. When combining this with other crystals this will show when it becomes more potent in your life and energy fields. You will want to work on healing all of the areas in your life for a complete balance state of being.


Clear Quartz - you can use this to help boost all of the work that you are doing with all of the other crystals you are using. This one can help amplify all crystals or bring all the work together as this has a basic healing property that can be used for many areas of your life and energy fields.


Black Obsidian - this one helps do wonders on working through negative issues concerning love problems in your life. Combining this with some of the other crystals can help provide a complete healing for your love life.


Emerald - even using a small Emerald in your crystal healing work packs a great punch when balancing out the emotional aspects of the love issues in your life. Work with pink and green crystals for a balanced healing for love concerns.


Smokey Quartz - work with this one for repairing energy leaks for love issues within your energy fields.


Golden Topaz - combine this will all of the above crystals in a healing grid format to give yourself a very strong and high vibrational healing grid for your love life.


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center and author of Practical Crystal Healing series tips books. Work with crystal healing for your love life and love blessing sessions today!



Crystal Healing Methods For The New Year

Posted by Nicole Lanning on December 31, 2012 at 9:35 AM

I am here to share with you some crystal healing methods for the new year. We are now in a huge vibrational shift since mid December 2012 and with this comes new energies to work with. If you are not sure of the energy shifts from this past month please visit our sister website Healing Art Forms and view our blog for these energy shift updates. Links will be posted at the end of this blog posting.


When working with these new shifting energies you can create and manifest much more quickly now than ever before. We are now in a high vibrational rate of energy for this work so we can tap into this from within for working with our healing. Here are some easy crystal methods to get you started!




ENERGY BOOST - Work with a Clear Quartz crystal for this method. Have this crystal buried in the ground for 24 hours to soak up the new vibrational energy before working with this for the first time. Hold this in your dominant hand while sitting comfortably in your chair. Relax and energy the new energy boost.


MANIFESTATION - Use a Fluorite, Clear Quartz, and Jasper combination for this method. Have these crystals buried in the ground for 24 hours to soak up the new vibrational energy before working with them for the first time. During your manifestation sessions hold these in your dominant hand and focus with your intention for them for your new goals.


GROUNDING - Work with a Black Tourmaline and Jasper combination. Have these crystals buried in the ground for 24 hours to soak up the new vibrational energy before working with them for the first time. Hold one in each hand during your grounding sessions to complete an energetic loop.


CENTERING - Work with a Golden Calcite for this method. Have this crystal buried in the ground for 24 hours to soak up the new vibrational energy before working with this for the first time. Place this over your solar plexus chakra during your centering sessions for the strongest connection.


PROTECTION - Work with a combination of Hematite, Herkimer Diamond, Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, and Amethyst for this method. Have these crystals buried in the ground for 24 hours to soak up the new vibrational energy before working with them for the first time. Place them around your energy fields when working with protection issues.


Author: Nicole Lanning, author of Practical Crystal Healing series and founder of Healing Art Forms. Work with crystal healing methods for the new year and healing sessions through Healing Art Forms to raise your energetic levels.



Crystal Healing For The Holidays

Posted by Nicole Lanning on November 28, 2012 at 10:05 AM

Crystal healing for the holidays is something I wanted to share with you for this blog posting. The holidays can be very stressful for everyone, so here are some wonderful and easy tips for you to use and have available at your next holiday get together to keep your stress down and energy up!


1. Energy Boost - to keep your enery high for the holiday times work with these crystals in combination. By using Emerald, Carnelian, and Clear Quartz crystals that are programmed and cleansed for this issue you can heal yourself without anyone even know. Keep them in your pocket or turn them into a festive pendant that everyone will be talking about!


2. De-Stresser - to work on eliminating stress work with a Black Tourmaline and Opal combination. This combination helps pulls out stress quickly from your energy fields. It also helps replenish your vibrant energy once the negative has been released. This means you get a double healing!


3. Relaxation - make sure you keep an Amethyst and Fluroite on hand for relaxation purposes during the holidays. Keep these cleansed and programmed and with you, especially during family get togethers or other holiday events. They will give you that boost of relaxation energy when you need it the most.


4. Overwhelmed - conquer the feeling of being overwhelmed with Red Jasper, Jade, and Snowflake Obsidian together. Cleanse them and keep them on hand when times get a bit overwhelming during the holiday session. Make sure to cleanse and reprogram as often as needed.


5. Frustration - this is another biggie for the holidays - dealing with frustration. Make sure to have Hematite, Angelite, and Clear Quartz to help balance out these issues. It is best to cleanse and program them once a week. Keep them in your pocket throughout the holidays to keep your frustration levels down!


Enjoy your upcoming holiday season everyone!!

Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with crystal healing for the holidays for a relaxing holiday get together!



Crystal Healing With Halloween Energy

Posted by Nicole Lanning on October 30, 2012 at 10:45 AM

Crystal healing with halloween energy is something I would like to talk about with you today. This is a very interesting topic that I love to speak about each year and this year I get he wonderful opportunity to share this with all of you out there in cyber space. You have quite a few options to work with to tap into this power for healing as well as the energies of the day and spirit communication, so let's get started!


Some of the top crystals you can work with for the day's energy for healing, tapping into the energy and power of the day, as well as enhancing your spiritual communication contacts for this very special day when the veil is lifted are listed here for you as well as some exercises for them. Crystals to work with are: Amethyst, Angelite, Apophyllite, Blue Lace Agate, Celestite, Charoite, Clear Quartz, Phenacite, and Selenite. To enhance this work for Halloween energies  you can also add in a Herkimer Diamond into your work,


To work with these crystals I will give you a few exercises to try at home as they are simple and easy to work with. To work with a simple crystal healing to tap into the power of the day, charge Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, Clear Quartz, andAngelite. Place them in the four corners of the living room area in the early morning and throughout your day take breaks to just sit in this room and relax. Close your eyes and allow the power of the day to work with your crystals and soak into your energetic fields. Remember to cleanse your crystals in the evening or before you go to bed.


Another good exercise to do for the day, and this helps with spirit communication on this high energy day, is to work with Herkimer Diamond, Angelite, and Amethyst. Cleanse and program these for your communication work and focus your intention and awareness of this opening portal for you to reach through for your communication link for the spirit world. Meditation is best for this session but for those who can shift their energy and mental status without meditation you can do this in a calm and focused state as well.


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with crystal healing with halloween energy exercises today and enjoy the results of your work!



Crystal Healing For Marriages

Posted by Nicole Lanning on October 1, 2012 at 10:55 AM

Crystal healing for marriages is something I really enjoy working with as this is about healing not only one person, but two people, as well as the relationship that they share. This is something that is very special to work for each unique case and the people involved. When working on your own crystal healing for your marriage this is something you have to take into consideration. Let me explain.


When you work on crystal healing for your own energy fields, it is a matter of finding the right crystal that you are drawn to that can help heal the issue you are working on. Simple, right? The same concept goes for marriages, but you have more energies you have to balance out for these. You have your energy, your spouse/partner energy, the relationship energy, and then if there is a specific issue you are working on this has its own energy as well.


I know it sounds like a lot but this is actually where the fun part comes into play. You have to find something that balances all of these issues. It really is not anymore difficult than working on your own energy you just have to understand how to go about this process. Let's say you are having an issue of trust in your marriage. You would have four energies to work on for this as listed in the above paragraph.


You will find a crystal for your energy fields for trust issues. You would then find one for your spouse/partner'e energy fields for the trust issue that resonates for them. Then you find one for general trust issues for the problem to work on and then one for the marriage as well. Now some of the crystals may be the same, as maybe your crystal is a Clear Quartz and your spouse's crystal is a Hematite. Maybe the issue needs a Topaz and the marriage needs a Hematite too. For this you will only need three, as two of them overlap and you simply program the Hematite for both reasons.


It is a matter of balacing out the energies and finding the right crystals for all of the areas combined. This is how you can start working on healing multiple energy strands in your life. It is fun and easy so get startedon your healing path today.


Author: Nicole Lanning - founder of Healing Art Forms and author of Practical Crystal Healing. Work on crystal healing for marriages today with these simple techniques.

Crystal Healing Guide - How To Use Them

Posted by Nicole Lanning on June 17, 2012 at 9:25 AM

Crystal healing guides should be something that are easy to work with and walk you through everything you need to know to work with crystal healing. This was one of my big concerns when I was first starting out with crystals at a young age as I did not understand what to do with them, how to use them, how to choose them, or really what to get started it. It was very overwhelming and confusing as it can be for many people out there.


When I first started on this pathway there were not as many books out in the world on this topic. There sure wasn't the internet nor ebooks to be found. I was lucky if I could find a few at my local library and listen to others give seminars on the topic. That was extremelly hard, but now with a flood of information at our fingertips I can see where it could be even more confusing than when I had to figure out these issues with little information. Both ends of the spectrum can be hard, but there is a middle ground.


This is where a good crystal healing guide comes into play. Now I am not trying to plug my own personal books at all (Practical Crystal Healing series) but rather I am trying to explain how to go about finding useful information for you to learn and share. It is about your own learning pathway. It does not have to be a struggle at all but rather something you should be enjoying and remembering to enhance your future in your own healing process.  This is what I call true higher learning!


I have seen pretty much almost every single crystal book out there that exists. I have read them and own them. I love the pretty colorful pictures (who doesn't) as we are visual people and this helps stimulate our senses. But how is this teaching us anything. I remember looking at crystal books when I first started out and I drove myself crazy thinking all of the crystals I needed to find had to look like the ones in the book instead of listening to my own energetic guidance and following the messages from my spirit guides. Boy did I learn the hard way!


That is why I created practical crystal healing books for all to learn from. Not filled with a ton of pretty pictures to keep you entertained but rather useful information that you can learn from, share with your clients and family and friends, so that you can grow in your own healing pathway. We are here to raise the vibrational level of each other and the planet, so we have to work together on these new journey's in our life to do so!


Author: Nicole Lanning founder of Healing Art Forms and author of Practical Crystal Healing (series tips books) offering a simple practical crystal healing guide for you today!



Crystal Healing Tips For An Entire Week

Posted by Nicole Lanning on April 26, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Crystal healing is really something fun I like to work with on a day to day basis. Many people enjoy working with crystals for their healing process, but a lot of them don't really think that they can incorporate this into their daily life. They see this as something that they should be doing and turn to when it is something for a healing need in their life.


When you work with crystals, they are providing us with a higher vibrational level energy that we have access to at any time. This is why they are so beautiful to work with on a daily basis. Many people need some help though incorporating this into their life, so I am here to help explain how to do this now and some fun and easy methods you can for an entire week to enhance all areas of your life.


Let me break this down for you in a daily aspect and I will keep this easy and simple to work with. Remember these are just suggestions on how to work with them on a daily basis to keep positive energy flowing in your home and life.


Monday: Working on abundance issues you can use an emerald gem elixir and charge a spray bottle of water for 24 hours and then mist all areas of your home from the front door to the back door and everything in between to get the abundance energy flowing.



Tuesday: Working on headache issues you can use an amethyst crystal for this healing session. Many people experience headaches at least once a week, so this is a good crystal to keep on hand for this healing session.


Wednesday: Working with faith issues you can carry an emerald and clear quartz around with you in a combination to remind you to stay focused and keep in this high vibrational method for your faith.


Thursday: Working through letting go of issues in your life, you can focus your intention on a clear quartz for this to allow the energy to be pulled from within your body and released through the crystals healing power.


Friday: Working on meditation is something you can use by combining your clear quartz and amethyst crystals for this powerful vibrational connection during your meditation time.


Saturday: You can balance out the energy of your home, especially the primarily living areas with an emerald and amethyst gem exlixir. Charge this for 6 hours beforehand and gently mist these areas of your home.


Sunday: Working with your clear quartz, amethyst, and emerald you can use all three in combination to allow your energy to balance from the entire week's work of healing. Place your amethyst at your crown chakra, your emerald at your heart chakra, and your clear quartz at your feet chakras and allow the energy to balance and settle.


You can work with many different aspects for crystal healing in your life, but I wanted to show you how to incorporate this into your life with only using a few simple crystals and only taking a few moments of your day to work with them to enhance all of the healing energy around you and your home. So get started on putting them to good use today!


Author: Nicole Lanning - founder of Healing Art Forms and author of Practical Crystal Healing working with crystal healing methods in your daily life can be fun and practical!