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Crystal Healing Negative Energy Patterns

Posted by Nicole Lanning on February 6, 2014 at 10:15 AM

Today's healing blog posting is talking about crystal healing negative energy patterns. Many of you have asked me how to incorporate crystal healing with sound healing and energy healing to boost your own healing work. So, today's blog posting is talking about that and how to work on the negative energy patterns you may have within your energy fields. Let's get started!


You have many different energy patterns that make up all of your energy fields, so knowing which ones you want to work on is the first place you want to start. With negative energy patterns, these can be connected in to any one of your energy fields and dealing with multiple issues. For working on these to be healed you can work with Citrine to help remove the negative energy here. This will not remove the negative energy pattern and its connection, however this can help from the negative energy that is flowing within the pattern itself.


This is helpful to work with if you feel that negative energy has damaged a positive energy pattern. The Citrine will help pull the negative energy out from this area and will disperse of this through the healing property of the crystal. Citrine will not be able to disconnect the negative energy pattern and remove the pattern itself, as this works only on the energy that is flowing through the pattern. This is a wonderful tool, however, if you feel that your energy is becoming stagnant, being flooded with a negative energy source, or you have been soaking up negative and toxic energy from an outside influence.


For this you can simply program your Citrine by holding this in your dominant hand, closing your eyes and focusing on the area you would like this to remove the negative energy from. Maybe this happens to be your relationship connections or a family issue. Ask that this work on this area to remove the negative energy from these patterns. Then simply sit back, open your hand and comfortably hold this in your hand, close your eyes, take deep breaths and allow the Citrine to work on healing these areas. On average you can work on this anywhere from 15-30 minutes at a time. Depending on how much negative energy is here depends on how often you will need to clear the area you are working on.  Remember to respect the crystals and the healing energy that they provide and give thanks for all of the healing work that you have received!


Author: Nicole Lanning, author of Practical Crystal Healing and founder of Healing Art Forms. Work with crystal healing negative energy patterns in your life or contact us today for a negativity releasement healing session with Ms. Lanning

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