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Remove Negative Energy Easily

Posted by Nicole Lanning on May 16, 2014 at 11:05 AM

I had a client not so long ago email and ask how could they remove negative energy easily from their energy fields. They worked at a job that had a lot of toxic and negative energy surrounding the situation and co-workers and he said he felt constantly either negative when he came home from work or was completely drained. Working with crystals is a simple and easy way to help clear this up with very little time and work into it.


When working with negative energy there are many different crystals you can choose from, as it is all about finding what resonates for your energy fields and you find is best for you. Citrine and Hematite are the top two that I recommend for most as these are ones that you can find at any local rock/gem/crystal or metaphysical store, and even many natural health food stores carry them as well. If you do not have any local stores you can visit you can also find them online in places such as amazon, ebay or other crystal websites.


When choosing a crystal you simply want to choose the one that you feel drawn to. If you are shopping locally look for the ones that you cannot seem to put down. Go through the store, pick them up one at a time and see how they feel. Ones that are not in a good vibrational match you will simply place back down and move on. Ones that are you will want to hold onto a bit longer and will feel as those they are meant for you. When you are shopping online, simply allow your intuition to guide you and if you do not seem drawn to a particular one, know that it is because it is not meant for you at this time and keep looking as the one that is will pop up!


Working with the crystals for removing negative energy is actually a very simple and easy process, as I do mean easy! All you have to do is put this in your pocket or wear it on a pendant and allow your energy fields and the crystal to do the rest. It can't get much easier than that now can it. Hematite extracts the negative energy from your energy fields and Citrine dissipates the negative energy. Another wonderful component is that you will never have to cleanse Citrine as it does not hold onto the negative energy. Some practitioners recommend cleansing this to give the crystal a chance to revitilize, but again this is up to the person's choice if they wish to do this or not.


Enjoy working with these wonderful crystals in your daily routine to help balance the energy flow and remove all of that negative and toxic energy that may be surrounding you.

Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with some simple crystals to remove negative energy easily or contact Ms Nicole Lanning for a Negativity Releasement Healing session today!



Crystals For Aura Healing

Posted by Nicole Lanning on March 26, 2014 at 8:50 AM

Today's blog posting is about crystals for aura healing. These are some of the information that is contained in my Practical Crystal Healing: 555 Tips & Techniques book. The ones I am sharing with you today will be working on the main seven layers of your aura for healing as well as some additional areas you can work on to compliment the healing energies here. Let's get started with your aura healing work!


First Aura Layer: You can work with Jasper or Lepidolite to balance out the energy flow or heal the issues within your first aura layer.


Second Aura Layer: You can work with Angelite or Rhyolite to clear and cleanse the second layer of the emotional imbalances here.


Third Aura Layer: You can work with Aventurine or Bloodstone to heal the third aura layer of issues dealing with the rational mind.


Fourth Aura Layer: You can work with Peridot or Rose Quartz on the fourth aura layer to help with the emotional body issues.


Fifth Aura Layer: You can work with Carnelian or Staurolite to balance the energy flow for the divine enegy with the soul and spiritual level here.


Sixth Aura Layer: You can work wit Turquoise or Phenacite to work on any issues here with divine and spiritual love.


Seventh Aura Layer: You can work with  Elestial or Celestite to heal issues and balance the energy flow of the seventh aura aura working with the divine mind and connections.


Aura Alignment: Work with Citrine to help align all of your main aura layers. This removes the negative energy and can be programmed to align these layers.


Aura Booster: Use Sugilite to give an extra energy boost to your main seven aura layers.


Aura Cleanser: Use Lapis Lazuli for a basic aura cleanser. You can program this for each layer or to work on them as a unit for your healing.


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms and author of Practical Crystal Healing. Work with different crystals for aura healing in your own sessions or contact us about a personalized crystal healing session today!

Crystal Healing Negative Energy Patterns

Posted by Nicole Lanning on February 6, 2014 at 10:15 AM

Today's healing blog posting is talking about crystal healing negative energy patterns. Many of you have asked me how to incorporate crystal healing with sound healing and energy healing to boost your own healing work. So, today's blog posting is talking about that and how to work on the negative energy patterns you may have within your energy fields. Let's get started!


You have many different energy patterns that make up all of your energy fields, so knowing which ones you want to work on is the first place you want to start. With negative energy patterns, these can be connected in to any one of your energy fields and dealing with multiple issues. For working on these to be healed you can work with Citrine to help remove the negative energy here. This will not remove the negative energy pattern and its connection, however this can help from the negative energy that is flowing within the pattern itself.


This is helpful to work with if you feel that negative energy has damaged a positive energy pattern. The Citrine will help pull the negative energy out from this area and will disperse of this through the healing property of the crystal. Citrine will not be able to disconnect the negative energy pattern and remove the pattern itself, as this works only on the energy that is flowing through the pattern. This is a wonderful tool, however, if you feel that your energy is becoming stagnant, being flooded with a negative energy source, or you have been soaking up negative and toxic energy from an outside influence.


For this you can simply program your Citrine by holding this in your dominant hand, closing your eyes and focusing on the area you would like this to remove the negative energy from. Maybe this happens to be your relationship connections or a family issue. Ask that this work on this area to remove the negative energy from these patterns. Then simply sit back, open your hand and comfortably hold this in your hand, close your eyes, take deep breaths and allow the Citrine to work on healing these areas. On average you can work on this anywhere from 15-30 minutes at a time. Depending on how much negative energy is here depends on how often you will need to clear the area you are working on.  Remember to respect the crystals and the healing energy that they provide and give thanks for all of the healing work that you have received!


Author: Nicole Lanning, author of Practical Crystal Healing and founder of Healing Art Forms. Work with crystal healing negative energy patterns in your life or contact us today for a negativity releasement healing session with Ms. Lanning

Clearing Your Energy Fields With Crystal Healing

Posted by Nicole Lanning on January 5, 2014 at 3:05 PM

Today's healing blog posting is about clearing your energy fields with crystal healing. For this you do not have to have any special training to work with crystals and your healing session. You simply have to have a desire to clear your energy fields and a desire to work with crystals and combine the two together. Simple enough? Let's get started!


For this posting we wanted to provide you with a very simple yet effective exercise you could do for this as many people have been asking how to maintain their positive energy fields once they have their healing sessions with us. One easy one that we recommend for them is to work with crystal healing. Why crystal healing? Because this is something simple to do and only takes a few moments of their time each day, as well as the crystals are easy to find and work with. What could be better!


For this exercise you will need a Citrine crystal. That is it! One crystal and you can get started. Now mind you can add more crystals into this session as well as other elements of healing if you wish, such as sound healing, color therpay, etc but it is not required. For this you can simply take your Citrine crystal beforehand and sit with this for a few moments and focus your energy into the crystal. You want to concentrate on this and see yourself and your energy fields being cleared from the crystal healing work. This will explain to your Citrine what you would like to have done for the session.


Now comes the fun part. You can simply relax on your bed and place this on your upper abdomen and close your eyes and relax and allow the healing to take place. Again, you can add other Citrine crystals to this and surround your physical body with more, but you do not have to when you first start. Simply relax for 15-20 minutes and allow the healing to take place! Citrine is a wonderful crystal that helps pull out the negative energy from within your energy fields. It is as simple as that! Try it for a week and see how you feel afterwards from your new clearing sessions.


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms an online distant healing center. Work with clearing your energy fields with crystal healing today or contact us for a crystal healing session with Nicole Lanning.

Easy Self Healing Methods

Posted by Nicole Lanning on December 1, 2013 at 1:50 PM

Working with easy self healing methods is something that I teach in on seminars and workshops and is something that anyone can learn. When working with self healing, it is all about finding what works for you and resonates for your energy fields. There is no perfect solution for everyone, as we all will resonate differently for different healing work. This is where the fun comes into play, as we can pick and choose and see what will fit for our energy fields and our daily life. There are no set in stone rules for this, but rather finding your own pathway, so let me give you some examples for you to get started with.


When working with self healing you can start with the basics to begin. Once you get a grasp on them and want to dig deeper into your self healing work then you can look into the advanced work that is out there. For this blog posting we are keeping it simple for the newbies who want to get started on their own self healing journey. If you have questions about some of the advanced work you can dive into feel free to send us an email and I am more than happy to help answer any questions you may have.



 Tip #1: Working with energy healing is something you can learn by receiving an attunement to work with this energy. Usui Reiki is a good basic general healing format that can set the foundation for this type of work to start on your energy self healing methods. You do not have to be attuned to an energy format, as you can tap into the power of Mother Earth through your feet chakras and the Universal Source through your crown chakra and pull energy this way to work with energy self healing too without having any attunement, as you simply have to connect in through your chakra points.


Tip #2: Working with crystal healing is another easy and simple self healing method. You can find a local metaphysical or natural health food store that offers many different crystals to work with. For them, again, it is about starting with what you want to work on for your healing work and then finding the crystals that resonate for your energy fields. One specific crystal can offer multiple properities for your healing work and there are many different types of crystals that you can use for one specific problem within your energy fields. Some work better than others and when directing them and programming them for your healing work this even amplifies the work that you do.


Tip #3: Working with sound vibrational healing is another fun one that you can tap into in so many forms. Tibetan Bowls, Tibetan Bells, drumming, and singing are some of the more common ones that many people start with, but experiment and see what draws you in for your sound healing work. Maybe it is a combination of a few different sound healing instruments or maybe it is a combination of energy healing, crystal healing and sound healing.  It is all about finding the pathway that works for you and getting started on your own self healing journey in life.


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with easy self healing methods for your spiritual journey or contact us for help with distant healing work today!



Crystal Healing For Money

Posted by Nicole Lanning on October 27, 2013 at 11:20 AM

Today's blog posting is about crystal healing for money. This is something that we have been asked about many times and how to increase the vibrational flow of money into one's life and home. It is all about balance and how to keep this in a vibrant flowing manner for your energy fields. Let me explain a bit more for you here.


When working on healing money issues in your life it is not just in one area, but rather in a balanced manner. What does this mean? It means you have to tackle this from all areas. Some people will just work on one area and forget about the rest and wonder why they are not seeing improvement. Again, it is about a balance for all of the areas.


The different areas you want to work on for your crystal healing for money to increase this vibrational flow are listed here: Personal Energy Patterns, Subconscious Mindset, Conscious Mindset, Home Energy and Career Energy. When working on these areas you want to increase the vibrational flow for each one of them to balance these areas out for your positive money flow. You may have blockages in multiple areas and it is best to clear and heal all of them to balance the energy.


Personal energy patterns can reside within the abundance energy pattern, scarcity energy pattern and financial energy pattern. Subconscious mindset can deal with your subconscious matrix energy pattern, mental grid plane, and underlying belief patterns as well. Conscious mindset can be worked on with simple behavioral shift from seeing things in a negative into a positive. Home energy patterns can be worked on with phyical home clearing, crystal grid placements and energetic home cleansings as well as basic Feng Shui work. Career energy can be worked on with crystal grid placement and a vibrational cleansing as well.


You can work with crystal healing for all of these areas, as it is about finding the problem areas and healing them in a complete and thorough manner to balance out the energy patterns. When you work on them and increase the vibrational level that you are sending out this in turn increases what comes back into your life!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms and author of Practical Crystal Healing series tips books. Enjoy working with your crystal healing for money or contact us directly for a financial blessing session today!



Crystal Healing Prayer

Posted by Nicole Lanning on September 23, 2013 at 12:25 AM

Today's blog posting is about a crystal healing prayer. Many people today are combining wonderful alternative healing methods together and two powerful ones to work with are crystals and prayer work. Why is this? Crystals have their own wonderful healing energy from Mother Earth that they share with us and prayer work combines intention, feeling, and focus into a strong session, so when you combine these together you can have a very strong healing session to work with.


When working with crystals for your healing work you want to make sure that they are cleansed thoroughly before you begin and programmed for the issues you want to work on. When you do these two simple techniques this can amplify your own crystal healing work sessions. Make sure to work with the specific crystals for the areas you want to heal in your life. In other words, you wouldn't want to work with a crystal that is best for grounding your energy to help heal your headaches!


When working with prayer and healing work the key to this type of healing work is intention. I know you have probably heard this before, but honestly it is the key! Our thoughts and intention are very strong and powerful forces of energy, so when combining and focusing with this for your healing in a positive way you can increase each and every session you work on. Remember to focus with your positive energy for these things with no negative wording in there. Example: I want to get rid of my debt - (negative wording) I want to have positive sources of abundance in my life - (positive wording). Now onto the prayer work!


Crystal Healing Prayer

I ask and pray that (name of crystal such as Amethyst) sends healing for my (name of problem such as headache) in a positive format. I am open and receptive to this healing energy and give thanks to my (name of crystal again). I show respect for this healing energy I am about to receive and know that the healing energy is for my highest good of all concerned. Thank you!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms and author of Practical Crystal Healing. Work with a crystal healing prayer for extra healing power or contact Nicole personally for a distant crystal healing session.



Crystal Healing For Abundance

Posted by Nicole Lanning on August 28, 2013 at 4:20 PM

Crystal healing for abundance can be done in many ways. Crystals provide us with a vibrational healing energy all of their own from Mother Earth. They all have their own vibrational properties for healing and while some will work better in certain areas of your life, there is some practice involved to see what best resonates with your own energy fields. What may work for the majority of people out there you may find works for you or on the other hand you may feel that you are not drawn to this particular crystal. When working with crystals make sure that they resonate and "feel" that they are the best ones for you for this type of work.


Now onto the good stuff for this blog posting! We have worked with this wonderful method for many years with much success with our own healing, clients healing, and have shared this wonderful tip with many around the world. For working with abundance to draw more of this into your life, you can simple pick up a few Emeralds at your local rock, crystal, gem, metaphysical, or natural health food store. You will also need a plastic spray bottle and two bottles of purified water.


You need to first cleanse your Emerald's. You can do this with a simple water technique, or any other method that resonates for your energy fields. Once the crystals have been thoroughly cleansed you will want to charge the water you will be using. We place both bottle of water in a clear glass bowl and then place our Emeralds in the center of the bowl. We then place the bowl outside in the sunlight. You do not have to place yours in the sunlight, but we have noticed this gives this an extra charge of solar energy for the water!


Once this has been charged for atleast 2 hours pour your water into your spray bottle and starting gently misting all areas of your home. Pay particular attention to doorways, windows and corners as you want a healthy vibrant flow of positive energy moving into your home and not becoming stagnant in corner areas. You can even amplify this session with a good smudging of your home prior to the crystal elixir spray!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms and author of Practical Crystal Healing series tips books. Work with crystal healing for abundance and remove abundance blocks in your life today with energy healing work!



Massage Therapy And Pets

Posted by Nicole Lanning on July 26, 2013 at 1:00 PM

Massage therapy and pets is a very interesting topic for this healing posting of the day. Many people have different kinds of animal for pets, but this healing posting is covering the general information for all of them. Pets, just as humans, can benefit from massage healing work. Now only can you work on their massage techniques and make them feel good physically but you can also even add in healing work for their energy fields. All animals can benefit from this whether you want to form a stronger bodn with your pet or if you are helping them through an illness or injury.


When you work with your animal for a pet massage it does not have to be difficult or complicated, as many animals willl take any kind of attention and affection in a positive format. They do not have to understand why you are doing this process, whether it be just to connect with them or to help them, as they just know that they are experiencing some love from you in a different format, and for them this is perfectly fine. When working with your own pets you can work with some simple areas to get started or you can have a trained professional walk you through some of the more advanced techniques for their healing for this.


Some basics you can start at home are working with simple massaging methods. You can stroke your animal from head to tail, rub their ears, and talk in a soothing tone for them to know that you are in a positive eotional mind set. You can also include crystal healing methods with this or work with reiki healing for an added bonus for your animals health. More advanced methods you can include would be acupressure and aadvanced massage methods to include all of the animals muscles for this.


I love working with our own pets for massage and healing, as one of our little dogs is a very special one for his connection with us and his other animal companions we have. We ended up buying one of those small hand massagers for us as a family to use when our backs get sore. We turned it on one day when our special baby was around and he came right up to the vibrational tool and had this look in his eyes like begging for a massage of his own. Wondering if he would like this I placed the massager on his back and he slowly layed down and put his head on my leg. When I took this off he jumped around and pounced back on my lap until I would give him another massage. Needless to say our special baby is now getting massages incorporated with healing energy every day for his own physical body and energy fields!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with massage therapy and pets or an animal healing session today for your animal companions in your life!



How To Boost Your Love Energy Vibration

Posted by Nicole Lanning on May 30, 2013 at 8:45 AM

Many people want to know how to boost your love energy vibration in your life. Well, that's what we are here to share with all of you today in this healing blog posting. We have worked with this technique in our personal lives as well as with our close friends, family members, and then finally with our clients. We have had wonderful success for the majority of people who tried this in their own lives and wish you all the most positive energy healing process for this to unfold in your life as well.


1. First you will want to work on clearing the energy of your home. You can do this with a simple and basic sage smudging technique. It does not have to be elabornate for the healing process, just make sure you work this into all corners and open entrance ways to your home for windows and door ways alike.


2. Next you will want to work with five Rose Quartz, one Clear Quartz, an four other symbols of what love means to you in your life. This is part of the process as love means something different for each person so this symbol should be something unique for yourself. Some people have used heart tokens, others use a heart symbol, as it is about what means love for your own life.


3. Now you will want to charge all objects that you have with Reiki energy, or a love energy format if you have this as well, but again basic Reiki works wonders for this method as it is about simplicty not complicated issues. Once you have charged all of the objects for this for you now start charging your water. You will place the Rose Quartz in a bowl of purified water and allow this to charge in the direct sunlight for 30 minutes.


4. While you are waiting you are now going to place your four symbols of love in the four corners of your home. With each one state your intention of the love that you desire to have.


5. Now the water should be done charging and you can pour this into in a spray bottle. With this you will start to mist the entire areas of your home including the doorways and windows as these are physical energy entry points for your home. When you have used all of the water, remove the Rose Quartz from the bottle as you will now need them again.


6. You can now start placing your crystals throughout your home. You will now place the four Rose Quartz over your love symbols and place the Clear Quartz in the center most point of your home. With the remaining Rose Quartz you can carry this on your person, in your pocket, in your purse, or wear this as a pendant. Remember to cleanse these crystals every 30 days to amplify the energy.


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with how to boost your love energy vibration or our love blessing healing session for your love life today!